The associated economic costs of traffic accidents are very high , especially if we consider the economy in its broadest and proper management of all resources and not only felt the chrematistic . They can be classified into tangible and intangible costs. In tangible direct health care costs or health care costs and indirect costs differ . The burden of disease by accident, and life years lost to disability ajustaos is concentrated in the youngest (15-44 years ) , especially in men.

Traffic accidents have tangible costs, which in turn can be direct or indirect costs ; but also some intangible costs that are many times more important and difficult to estimate. The traffic accident mortality , while remaining the most serious consequence is only the tip of the iceberg of negative externalities arising from accidents .

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External causes are the fifth leading cause of death in the community of Madrid, they accounted for the 2001-2005 period a total of 7504 deaths (3.75 % of all causes of death) in 5031 men representing an annual average of 1500 deaths with 1469 in 2005. Among the external causes , the first cause of death are traffic accidents motor vehicles which were registered in 2001-2005 .

The burden of disease from traffic accidents in the Madrid follows a similar overall external causes , ie , it focuses on young men ages and especially patron .