The Advance of Nuclear Program in North Korea

The Advance of Nuclear Program in North Korea

Nuclear program of North Korea gains a deep concern from international community. Instead of curtailing it with some efforts, Pyongyang said that there were five nuclear tests conducted. North Korea conducted some tests for its nuclear bombs. Nevertheless, to officially launch the bombs to attack its neighbors, this country still needs to make the effect of nuclear warhead as small as possible to fit well on a missile. When North Korea said that it has ‘miniaturized’ the nuclear warheads successfully, the international expert has long cast of doubt on the claims.

Wondering about how powerful the bombs are, people can values it from how many tests have been conducted by North Korea over the years to increase the power of nuclear bomb. It said that there have been five tests of nuclear bomb which is the latest was on January and September 2016 and others were in 2006, 2009, and 2013. On September 2016, the test indicated the device which can explode the yield power for around 10 till 30 kilotonnes which means that the bomb test of nuclear program of North Korea is the strongest test ever.

However, there is still one question left about what kind of the devices that has been being tested, was it atomic bomb or hydrogen bomb that has more power? Hydrogen bomb sues fusion from the merging atoms which releases a huge amount of energy while the atomic bomb uses the nuclear fissions or splits the atoms.

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The test that was conducted in 2006, 2009, and 2013 were the atomic bombs and North Korea said that the test in January 2016 was hydrogen bombs. However, the expert casts doubt that they would give the registered explosion size.

Another question about nuclear test program of North Korea is what the materials that were used for nuclear tests are. The analysts believe that the material for two tests in 2006 and 2009 was from plutonium. However, whether the uranium or plutonium was used in the tests, the material used in 2013 is still unclear.

The successful test of uranium tests would mark such a significant step forward in the nuclear program of North Korea. Though the stock of plutonium in North is finite, it still can enrich the uranium stock to increase the stockpile of nuclear. It has done the plutonium enrichment in large whereas the uranium enrichment can be easily carried out though it should be in secrecy.

There is still no consensus where the North is in term of ‘miniaturizing’ the nuclear device to be shaped in a missile. Some information from source said that North Korea has a technology to fit the missile with nuclear warhead.

There is new assessment said the North Korea has tested it and the effect of ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) is able to reach the US while most of experts agree that the missile is able to reach Hawaii or Alaska according to Pyongyang’s claim. Some thought that the mountain near Yongbyon is where the nuclear facility was located since it has been the plutonium source of North Korea.


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