A Catalonia’s Independence, Some Practicalities to Leave Spain

A Catalonia’s Independence

The relationship crisis in between Spanish and Catalonia becomes worse. This is one of the greatest challenges in Europe since the Balkan war happened in 90s. Independence campaign of Catalonia to leave Spanish state has been gone back in many generations. However, it has been always peaceful for homebet88.co and non-violent till Sunday 1 October. There has been many people took the streets to support the independence of Catalonia and the strike happened across the Catalonia.

The practical consequences of Catalan’s independence would have reaching far implications for the people, business, and regions. With the popular news in Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, a regional president, has made unilateral declaration about Catalonia’s independence in Monday, 9th October, thoughts turned into what kind of declaration of independence would mean in a practice for the main country, Spain. As with warning of City firms that flees Brexit, it has alarmed for half of the amount of Spanish companies that include major banks should move the registered head office to the other guarantee accesses to their wider EU and domestic markets.

Despite the claim by campaigners who are pro-independence which the EU will not want to lose the wealthy region which would rank in 15th or 16th of GDP terms in its bloc; Brussels made a clear declaration that it will not become one of its members automatically. It should apply and he acceptance will require an agreement from the other EU member states which includes Spain that has threatened in 204 to veto the accession bid of Scottish to discourage the Catalonia’s independence precisely.


The government of Spanish said that the referendum of Catalonia is illegal, why is it? Catalonia has a dozen paraphernalia of statehood such as having a parliament, flag, own broadcast regulator, and own police forces. Also, it offers some own public service like education and healthcare institution. Nevertheless, an independent Catalan should build their own Inland Revenue, central bank, defense force and air traffic controls that all of them are run well from Madrid which is as the electricity and also gas transportation distributor.

The Spanish and foreign operators run the telephone network of that region and also some regulation are from Madrid. The airport of the region is owned by Spanish state for around 51% of the total airports there. Also, the railway tracks and its rolling stocks are operated well by Spanish state. Beside the EU, the new state should be able to establish the border controls on its own and some custom services with multibet88.co. The borders in between France, Spain, and Catalonia may become the external borders in both of the EU and passport-free of Schengen zone.

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In addition, the independent Catalonia should set up own trading standard regulator and start negotiating own trade agreements. It would not be like Britain, there is not its name in World Trade Organization which puts it in a disadvantage instantly. Like British, when it happens, the Catalonia’s independence, Catalan may lose the EU citizenship and Spanish citizenship. As the experience from Britain, leaving EU will not be a straightforward action. The independent unfortunately will face the bigger problem; for example, it should exit from the euro zone though it may be in temporary.

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