Rohingya Ethnic Crisis, Myanmar Was Reported Against Humanity

Rohingya Ethnic Crisis

On 26 Sep 2017, Human Rights Watch said that it called the UN Security Council concerned about the humanity issues in Myanmar which is reported by agen sbobet committed crimes against Muslim in Rakhine State. The Human Rights Watch wants to impose the sanctions and arms embargo for Myanmar because of that issue.

A spokesman of government rejected that accusation and they was committed to protect the rights since there is no evidence about what accused. Also, Myanmar has rejected the UN accusation which claimed the force is engaged to cleanse certain ethnic, in this case is Rohingya Muslim, by attacking them on 25 August. They said that the force is fighting the terrorists that attacked the army and police, torching the villages and killing civilians.

The campaign of military has sent for around 440,000 refugees to flee to Bangladesh and they were mostly are Rohingya ethnic. They accused the Buddhist vigilantes and security forces are trying to cleanse the Rohingya Muslim from Myanmar, a Buddhist majority country.

The International Criminal Court determines the crime against humanity includes torture, rape, deportation, and murder “when the committing is widespread or attacking directly against civilian population and the subject knows about the attack.”

Human Rights Watch said from their research that is supported by the satellite imagery analysis, had found several crimes of attempted murders and murders, civilian population deportation and forced transfers, persecution, rape and any other sexual assaults.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Myanmar claims that Rohingya ethnic as an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh that has flared for decades periodically. It said that Rohingya mostly are stateless. There has been a huge of Buddhist nationalism in recent years that Myanmar saw and public supports against the campaign of the insurgents blamed to start the violence. For the refugees, the worldwide country still gives the sympathy for them.

The army has found for around 45 bodies since Sunday which most of them are members of small Hindus community in Myanmar who said were killed tragically y insurgents right after the eruption of violence.

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The insurgent group named Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army has claimed the attack of security forces, denied killing some villagers. The Rights group said that they found the abuses evidence by some insurgents, includes Buddhist’ homes burning. However, the amount of the violence was still much smaller than the abuses by Buddhist vigilantes and the army.

Most of Hindus complained of the violence from the Buddhist vigilantes and soldiers against them so they became a refugee in Bangladesh. Others took the refuge in central town of Myanmar, accusing some insurgents of committing their violence on suspicion caused of being government spy.

For about half million number of Rohingya ethnic have fled from Rakhine State, Myanmar western, since August 25 when a group named the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army attacked several military outposts. The United Nations called it as a retaliatory attack by a Myanmar forces under word said “an example of the ethnic cleansing”. Rohingya has suffered for a long time of persecution from the dominant ethnic, Buddhist Myanmar.


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