Present Fukushima After Six Years Nuclear Disaster

Fukushima After Six Years Nuclear Disaster

After six years of nuclear disaster in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, world still gives their attention to the present development of Fukushima, Japan. This nuclear incident became a big problem that makes many countries take apart to help Japan solving their problem. Based on some agen judi bola information, it is known that the root of the problem has not been solved. Actually, if we throw back to the last March 2011, the earthquake occurred and this was happening along with the three melted reactor. It was also because the huge waste of radioactive substances. The risks of the incident were so big. It created a big problem to solve since nuclear had been spread and it could not be underestimated. Moreover, the nuclear itself has contaminated many things, including the waters. Every day, this region of Japan should do their best especially to cover the contamination. The electric power company has been known to process the fuel through the reactor. It remains so many radioactive substances that affect the water itself.

Fukushima Street

Well, seeing the facts above, the government also does some action to prevent the worst. It is by filtering the water so that the contaminating substances can be reduced as well. Unfortunately, the result is not that satisfying. Even though the filtering process has been accomplished, the remains of the radioactive are still there for some mount. This still becomes a dangerous thing to be left especially when the government really thinks about the people in Fukushima, Japan. There are also some research have been done to see the bottom of problem. Even the robot is sent to see the reactor and the melted fuel that makes the start of this incident.

Unfortunately, the answer is still not really clear. It seems that Fukushima still struggling of getting better after last six years. Another fact to know from the research using the robot is also quite surprising. The robot has detected that the content of the reactor with radioactive substances becomes more dangerous. It is known that the content can kill a person only in some seconds or less than a minute. How could it be if the thread becomes bigger and bigger? There is only one hope in this problem. The Tokyo Electric will also think about the solution. It is to remove the fuel debris from the cores of the reactor. This might be a best way to do but needs more efforts.

Fukushima Tsunami After Effect

As another world neighbor, wherever we are, should also concern about this thing, right? Nuclear is not a particular situs judi online thing that is easy to handle. Even sometimes there is an issue if a center of nuclear in a certain country damaged, one world will get the risk and tend to be damaged too. Surely, we will not let this thing happening. There are a lot of efforts to do by Fukushima policy for this problem. And now, you can see the present progress of Fukushima problem to solve this nuclear problem even to the root of it.

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