Getting original manufacturer parts vs aftermarket

Did you ever wonder why a repair at a local shop vs a repair at a bigger shop are big in price difference? well one of the difference it’s in the process of repairing your vehicle. The parts. It’s auto-body123like for example you own a mac-book and the battery cable broke, to those who own a mac they know what I’m talking about. If you go to the apple store you will see the price of the cable for $90 and if you go to an online page like ebay you will find the charger for $10 bucks. What a big difference! Yes let me get the cheaper one, but think about it. If it cost you $10 bucks it must cost around $3 to the manufacturer so the quality it’s pretty bad, they are built to last at least 2 months and after that you will start seeing them lower their functionality. But if you go to the Mac store to the one that cost $100 I will guarantee that it will last you longer and better quality. Well Same goes for Cars, if you go to a big reputable san diego auto body like AP for example you will get original parts for your vehicle compared to if you go to a smaller auto shop where they could charge you more.



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