My 2 cents on this blog is based on my experiences in the past.

I’ve encountered great and disappointing situations in network marketing.

What MLM has done to me is helped me breakthrough mindsets and become bulletproof. Learned business skills through Leadership (self-development) and I’ve also invested in outside coaching besides MLM.

As I step back and see the business model from someone who invested 5 years & would of made more money working a job I have no regrets.


I do believe to become a business people trust it would need to be predictable. Authentic.

Trust is consistent. Very little effort with conflicting 411 because inconsistencies breaks expectations. When a business is not educated and seems very unpredictable as to how a company should be run trust is damaged.

Example: We trust Forrest Gump will be a good guy & if he’s not we’re confused even disappointed.

COMMUNICATION Is key. Be real with people & Let them know this is the cost. If your in health and fitness & additional money is to be invested besides monthly distribution fees such as grocery shopping. Let them know it’s going to cost this much ($50-$100) to eat healthy for this 3 week plan this way there won’t be surprises…

Make it about the people. Know what’s their budget. Be involved in their lives. Open communication solves everything. 🙂

Many leave disappointed with expectations crushed. It’s not a perfect model. Business is business. It’s not perfect. However to gain trust things will definitely need to change & be serious and treat it as a business & not lie or deceive to recruit people. Playing the urgency card.

If you sign up now I’ll place you under Joe blow. And if your not ready to sign up then you’ll lose your chance as Joe blow is a beast. These tactics need to end.

There are many great companies & then there are awful companies like auto body collision in san diego. As I remember the TOP Leader in a skin company had mentioned in Go Pro the companies that will make Billions will be the ones who are Authentic. Who care about people. Loyal. Stable.

Customers & recruits stop being customers and simply recruits and start becoming friends, even family. (Shouldn’t be biase)

The more you promise, the more need to deliver.


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