The Antidote

“The antidote to fear is hunger. When you have hunger for a job position, knowledge or a new house, you go and get it and fear will never get a hold of you.”

Wowza! I’m amazed at this humble janitor, cough cough inventor of “Flaming Hot Cheetos” and his inspiring story! 🙂 What I loved about his story is that hepic_23 also put chili powder on the cheetos and prensented it to Cheetos Brand and it sold! Not sure if many know my story but I’ve mentioned before when selling candies as a kid my Dad bought a big bag of salted plums (saladitos) and nobody would buy them. Soo, what I did was buy chili powder and roll them up and let them dry and the whole bag sold as per my customers request of wanting chili salted plums. You must be creative and think outside the box and find a solution. So when I read this story and what he did I couldn’t stop laughing! 🙂 Soo Awesome!! 

Respect the Janitor!

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